Summer Season

Summer is the “highlight” season of Kalamata and Messinia in general! Population gets doubled and tourists from Greece or abroad, are flooding all the local areas and destinations. Messinia and Kalamata have some of the most beautiful seaside areas you can find, offering endless activities. High quality hotel services and local stores await for your dream holidays to come true. Visit us on Summer and tell us your opinion!

Winter Season

Winter in Kalamata and Messinia specifically can be categorized as mild and warm. For the most “extreme” ones there are lots of mountain experiences around where you can feel the cold and see snow as well. On Winter season “social life” in Kalamata is transfered at the historical center and the main avenue. Same to the local areas. Lots of stores and friendly people to help you with anything and lots of choices for your day and night life, as well.

Spring Season

Spring is a nice season to visit Kalamata and Messinia. Fresh air and sunny days with flowers and trees all over, as Messinia in general is famous for her endless green. Spring is also the best time for someone to start the sea baths, the water is never too cold this time of season. Day and night life is split amongst center and seaside areas with options being too many. Nearby destinations are also calm before summer, so it is the perfect timing for your holidays.

Autumn Season

Autumn although it is the season after the “crazy” summer here in Messinia is almost similar to it without many differences. Climate keeps being in warm temperatures, so local people prefer the relaxing seaside area and the sea baths more in Autumn. As a more quiet season you can easily find a place to stay in Kalamata or Messinia generally. Day and night life keeps staying both in center and seaside of town and the options are plenty.

Municipality of Kalamata

The capital city of Kalamata is placed in a unique location with lots of sights and surprises. Among others the old city castle, the traditional old town and a huge seaside awaits you! Municipality of Kalamata will offer to every visitor a variety of places and experiences. Nearby areas Verga, Almyros, Mantineia, Avia, Akrogiali, are offered for summer mainly and mountainous villages as Alagonia, Artemisia, Nedousa for your winter trips. But on any season these areas worth your visit as you can explore different things. Of course municipality of Kalamata has lots of other destinations to explore and see, so we invite you here, plan your trip and have fun!

Municipality of Messini

Municipality of Messini close to Kalamata offers a big variety of options also. Not only it’s evolving fast into a tourist destination but also it has lots of locations with historical meaning and lots of beautiful spots to relax. Either you go sightseeing and visiting ancient monuments either swimming along the great seaside area and many more it is a proposed destination to pass by or stay for your vacations! Nearby villages such as Chranoi, Petalidi, Agios Andreas will satisfy your needs also. All areas around Messini are very close to each other and full of experiences.

Municipality of Mani

Municipality of Mani offers a wide variety of destinations either mountainous either seaside ones! Not only graphic and traditional but also with lots of options and spots to learn about Mani’s history. Visit famous locations, sightsee monuments and more, try local recipes and drink whatever you like from local products! Don’t forget to visit areas such as Stoupa, Kardamili, Traxila, Agios Nikolaos and many more that exist inside the municipality and we assure you, it will be a pleasant and unique experience! All destinations around Mani are very close to each other and offer a variety of pleasures!

Municipality of Pylos Nestor

Municipality of Pylos Nestor has probably some of the best and most known destinations and spots around Messinia. Quality products along with warm and welcoming people will let you enjoy every moment of your holidays. The options are endless and the only thing you have to do is to plan your trip and stay around there! Koroni, Methoni, Gialova, Pylos, Foinikounda are places you must visit, you will remember our words! All these locations are full of different experiences that await all travellers!

Municipality of Trifylia

Municipality of Trifylia has exceptional destinations and spots also. The area offers quality and pleasure on every step, from food products to hospitality and places to visit! From there you can plan your trips all over Messinia and don’t forget the options in municipality are many! Gargalianoi, Filiatra, Kyparissia, Marathopolis, Kalo Nero are places you should visit! All these locations are full of different experiences and activities that will fill you up and also will accompany you on back to home!

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